The organization also organized a flood relief program in August 1995, when the operational area was badly affected by floods. Due to the floods many people lost their homes and other household articles. The organization distributed tin shades, clothes, utensils, blankets and grain to the victim's of 10 villages.


The organization believes that the literacy has an important place an important place in development. The villages where the organization works people are still unaware about the importance of education. Parents send their children to work in Carpet small industry and to graze the cattle. They don’t prefer to send their girl child to school due to ignorance, poverty, Lack of employment opportunity, considering the above background the CARE, India conducted a study with the help of organization.


GVePS had carried out a baseline survey for “Total Sanitation Campaign” being supported by the Zila Prashid- Dausa, Government of Rajasthan, A total No. of 11152 households of Bankidui panchayat samiti of Dausa, Were Contacted During the course of study.

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